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The operating experience, expertise and resources...are invaluable.

Bill Cunningham

Managing Partner


Time to Recruit an Outside CEO?

In an ideal world, the next generation of company leadership is groomed internally.  While large companies can afford to maintain elaborate talent acquisition and development programs, independent companies rarely have this luxury The decision to bring in an outside CEO is among your company's most important.  Getting it right and achieving success with your new CEO is no small task.   

Equity Corps helps independent companies systematically acquire and win with outside executive talent.  We outperform conventional CEO search in three important ways.

Proven C(x)Os Fast  (vs. months and months)

Business Results Focus  (vs. staffing focus)

Win-Win Fee Structure  (vs. lump sum fees)

Research from Booz Allen suggests that companies that recruit outside CEOs endure failure nearly twice as often as companies that promote from within.  This after an executive search of 4 - 6 months for which a recruiter is paid regardless of the business impact or tenure duration of the new executive.  The causes of outside CEO failure and underperformance are largely avoidable.

Please consider.

Do you have a clear and realistic vision for your company's future under a new CEO?

What role will you continue to play in your business?

Do you have clear quantitative performance expectations for your new CEO?

Does your compensation plan align your CEO's objectives with yours?

What authority and resources will your CEO require to deliver results?

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